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Natural Stone: The Preferred Building Substance of Architects and Homeowners Alike

Published by Resource on June 11, 2021 in category: Blog, Construction with tags:

Stones come in all shapes and sizes. However, not all of them are right for construction. Homeowners and architects tend to favor certain natural stones for building, such as granite and limestone. Building with natural stone can also help sustain the environment, as it cuts down on waste. 

Heavily quarried and produced natural stone also allows stone companies to keep costs down. This ultimately benefits the consumer and ensures a wide variety of stones for your use.

Stone Bricks

In addition to granite and limestone, stone bricks are popular and widely used in construction. They are not only durable, but aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient. Stone brick companies adhere to strict manufacturing specifications for not only the use in homes, but sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, stairways, pool areas, wine cellars, garden paths and many other construction projects. 

On a more practical level, stone bricks are heated and poured into predetermined locations, both large and small, and arranged to form long, solid and strong walls, floors, roofs and chimneys. 

Some of the most widely used, elegant and exquisite stone bricks are produced in Spain and India. Some of the larger and more cost-efficient stone bricks are a mixture of basic brick, calcium carbide and cement. The end result is a sturdy and attractive building material. 


Made from rock of very low uniformity with only an occasional flaking surface, limestones, or dressed stones, show remarkably consistent character. Limestones are fairly smooth, while the natural colored surface of these stones is imaginative and decorative. Kohler Limestone, sold by Stonemasons, is a very popular industry brand and makes a wide variety of stones in various colors. Limestone is very popular for roofs, and placed in the right spot can last for many years. 

Whatever natural stone you choose, make sure it jibes with your construction blueprints.

Benefits of Building with Natural Stone

Natural stone is very durable, and guaranteed to last a very long time. Granite, for instance, is known to stand the test of time. Furthermore, for smaller projects you want to complete on your own, use natural stone that can be found almost anywhere. Keep in mind, though, that while collecting stones for free is possible, there are regulations governing rock foraging, so know what they are before you go out stone hunting. You can also visit a commercial rock quarry, as some will allow you to take inexpensive stones from their massive piles. 

Natural stone is also environmentally friendly, as sourcing, extracting and processing natural stone to use as a building material has almost no impact on the environment. It is also quite versatile, as natural stone comes in a vast array of colors, hues, textures, shapes and sizes. Basically, you can’t go wrong when it comes to building with natural stone. 

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