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Snow on Wood Floors – What Should You Do and Not Do

Published by SEO on November 12, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Snow on Wood Floors Central ArkansasSnow is a type of fluffy precipitation. It may not seem like it’s particularly annoying.  However, it’s very similar to sand in the sense that it can stick to your shoes when you’re walking, and you’re likely going to track it right in. Snow is very annoying, especially on recently installed hardwood floors and wood floors. However, it’s your job to ensure you limit any damage that snow may have on your wood floors.

Hardwood floors and wood floors give rooms an elegant, sophisticated look. However, this sophisticated look also requires you to put some effort into maintaining your wood floors in the winter months. Winter months already test your patience because of all the times your cars stall and your pipes burst. However, these are less difficult to deal with when you have proper maintenance. Similarly, snows on wood floors also require you to put in the effort.

We will list some of the measures you may take when dealing with snow on wood floors and avoid some things.

Measures to Combat Snow on Wood Floors

The maintenance for hard floor during summer and winter are entirely different. In summers, you want to ensure that you’re not tracking any mud on your hardwood floors, and in winters, you’re hoping that the snow and salt remain outside where it belongs. Snow and ice aren’t good for the shiny gleam of your hardwood and wood floors. Salt is even more difficult to contain since it can easily fit in the grooves and edges and is very difficult to get out. You would want to clean more frequently. However, there are also other things you may wish to do.

1. Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

Salt can cause irreparable damage to hardwood or wood floors. Keep a shoe rack by the entrance, so you’re not tracking in snow and salt from outside, inside. This practice is common in most Asian countries, so you don’t have to switch back to walking inside with your shoes, even in the summer. It helps in keeping germs away from your floor and your bed.

2. Clean Up Melted Snow and Salt Before it Dries

When you come into your home, the snow is still wet. However, if it dries, it’ll cause even more of a problem. You can keep paper towels near all your entrances so you can clean the snow anyone brings in, then and there. It won’t get a chance to dry so that it won’t cause as much damage.

3. Summer Upkeep

One of the best ways to protect your floors in the winters is by ensuring that the summer upkeep is perfect. If you come across any spills in the summer, you should clean them as soon as possible. It’s important not to use any heavy-duty cleaners when tidying up your floors as this may discolor the wood. Protect your floor from harmful UV rays and the heat so that it holds on to its glow for a long time.

Measures to Avoid

1. Not Placing Mats Everywhere

You can’t track in snow and salt if you clean it off at the doorway.  Homeowners who have hardwood floors should use mats in their homes. Some people go all the way and put a mat before and after an entryway. Taking care of your flooring this way ensures the snow, which the first mat couldn’t catch, is caught by the second one. It creates an easy way for people to do their work for you.

You should also avoid rubber-backed and non-ventilated rugs because they can harm the floors more than protect them. When buying mats, you should ensure that you buy extremely absorbent ones. Having absorbent mats means they will take in all the salt and snow as soon as someone stands on them. Make sure these mats are easy for you to clean.

Apart from mats, you can also think about investing in a way to meet your snow that doesn’t involve salt.

2. Not Investing in a Humidifier

The cold can also make the wood in your floors drier. Dried wood creates spaces between the boards which can house more dust, dirt, and grime. To ensure your wood floors are no longer dry, invest in a humidifier for your home. A humidifier ensures that there’s enough water vapor in the environment, so your wood floors don’t move apart.

A humidifier also means that the wood will not become warped over time due to constantly contracting and expanding due to temperature changes. A humidifier is a simple way to maintain the longevity and quality of your wood floors.

Final Thoughts

Wood floors and especially hardwood floors add a lot of value to your home. However, you need to maintain these floors to the best of your ability. Hardwood floors can be expensive to repolish. Your best bet is to take care of these floors, so they gleam and shine. Snow and salt during the winter months are some of the worst things for your hardwood floor. Thus, you must try your best to reduce the intake of snow and salt in your home.

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