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Renter’s Insurance: Does It Cover Water Damage?

Published by 911 Restoration Central Arkansas on September 7, 2022 in category: Blog

Water damage is a frightening term. Although most people associate water damage with a leaking roof, there are other causes. While some of these are more serious than others, they all need to be addressed immediately or you may experience additional damage. To schedule a free inspection, call the 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas at 501-200-1600. We proudly serve Little Rock and the surrounding areas.


What Is Water Damage?

Flooding is commonly confused with water damage. This is when water from outside enters your home. Flooding occurs when water from a pond or river enters your home. Flooding can also occur during heavy rains, as the water has no place to go. Water damage is a different matter. Water damage occurs when water enters the dwelling without reaching the ground. It can happen from many sources, including:

  • Leaky roofs that cause damage when it rains
  • Leaky faucets and broken pipes can lead to excess moisture and water.
  • Failing sump pumps can also cause excess water to be added instead of being removed
  • Water damage can be caused by overflowing sinks.


To schedule a free visual inspection, no obligation inspection call 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas at 501-200-1600 We proudly serve Little Rock and the surrounding areas.


Is Water Damage Covered By My Renter’s Insurance?

Even if you’re not a homeowner, some damages may still fall on your shoulders. Renter’s insurance is a good option. It may not cover all things of water damage restoration. Renter’s Insurance will not cover personal property. This includes items that have been damaged by water. Water damage to your renter’s property will not be covered by their insurance. The landlord must have insurance to cover the costs of maintaining the building. The landlord will have to fix any leaky roof or pipes and clean up afterward. Flood insurance is required by most landlords and homeowners. The damage will not be covered by their home owner’s insurance. Every policy is unique so it is important to understand exactly what you are covered by your policy. To understand your liability in the event of water damage to your rental apartment or home, you must read all the fine print.


How To Prevent Water Damage?

Water damage can often go unnoticed. Water can cause problems in a floor or ceiling, as well as everything else. Leakage can cause damage to walls, floors, ceilings, and even the ceilings. You should be vigilant about your apartment and home. You should immediately notify your landlord if you spot a problem. You should immediately fix leaky pipes, roofs, and faucets before it becomes worse and more costly to repair.


How Can 911 Restoration Experts help?

You want to be a responsible tenant and let your landlord know about any problems with your rented space. Refer your property manager to 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas if your home has suffered water damage. We offer free assessments for Little Rock and the surrounding areas. 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas has been around for more many years. We have completed over thousand jobs helping families with their plumbing, water and mold problems.

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