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Is Water Damage Restoration Covered By Your Home’s Insurance?

Published by 911 Restoration Central Arkansas on August 25, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

Your homeowner’s insurance agent should be contacted if any part of your house is affected by water damage. Your policy should cover the cost of restoring your home. Not necessarily. Water damage restoration may not be covered by insurance in all cases. Your coverage might be different, but the main consideration is whether the damage could have been prevented.


You may be covered for accidental and sudden water damage

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers flood and water damage restoration and remediation, if the cause is sudden or accidental. These are the most common issues covered by homeowner’s insurance.

  • Burst pipes
  • Overflowing washing machine
  • Falling trees can cause roof leaks
  • Basement groundwater seepage


Two types of homeowner’s coverage are possible depending on the extent of damage. The dwelling coverage can pay for structural damage, such as damaged flooring or walls. Personal property coverage can help pay for the cost of replacing damaged items.


Insurers May Deny Claims for Preventable Damage

Insurance policies for homeowners don’t always cover water-related damages. If they find that homeowners were not following proper maintenance, or if there was a way to prevent the damage from happening, insurance companies will usually deny any claims. Even if homeowners weren’t aware of the problem, the same applies. If you don’t repair a leaky toilet or faucet and your home floods, your homeowner’s policy won’t cover the cost of the repairs.


Other types of water damage not covered by insurance

Some types of repairs or events are also excluded from coverage by homeowners insurance companies. Most policies don’t cover:

  • Repair and replacement of appliances, pipes, and other damage sources
  • Water backup from outside drains or the sewer
  • Flood damage caused by heavy storms, overflowing rivers and lakes, or ponds


Many insurance companies offer homeowners flood coverage as well as coverage for water backups and sewerage. These extras may be available to homeowners who have purchased insurance.

Responding quickly to water damage can reduce your property loss and lower the cost of restoration. 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas offers quick service from an experienced professional in Conway with IICRC certification, which is the industry standard for water damage restoration and remediation.

911 Restoration of Central Arkansas is based in Conway and is available 24/7. Our team can assist you anywhere in the central Arkansas area. Contact our office at 501-200-1600 for more information about homeowner’s insurance and water damage restoration or to make an appointment with our team.

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