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Year-on-Year Rising Tides – Water Damage Restoration for 2022

Published by SEO on September 24, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Water Damage From Rising TidesRising tides year after year have become a growing challenge for the US, including Central Arkansas. Communities across Central Arkansas are worried about water damage caused by flooding. The last thing any homeowner wants is a disaster like Tsunami or Hurricane Katrina, causing widespread disaster, injuries, and deaths. However, the reality is that apart from the gravity that creates attractive forces resulting in high tides, factors like polar ice melt and climate sensitivity are adding to the year-on-year rising tides. The growing frequency of flooding during high tides is becoming a point of concern for communities.

As the sea level continues to rise, tidal flooding is expected to occur often, causing more disruption and destruction and even rendering some areas unusable. The severity and frequency of the tidal flooding events have significant implications on the properties and homes being flooded because it practically disrupts daily life for days.

Recovery from the losses caused by tidal flooding triggered by rising tides is often the hardest. It’s often difficult for families living hand-to-mouth and burdened with home mortgages to seek home damage restoration services to get their property in livable condition after water damage. This is when the 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas can be your best resource.

Contact us for home restoration after water damage. We can help you file an insurance claim and get the compensation needed to meet your home restoration cost. At 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas, we work with all insurance companies. Let us help you.

It’s crucial to understand that any coastal flood can cause illness, injuries, and fatalities both during and after the flood. Therefore, you must be both mentally and physically prepared for a coastal flood and reduce your risks.

Did you know that drowning in floodwater was the leading cause of death among individuals exposed to hazards associated with coastal storms and hurricanes between 1963 and 2012? Other people lost their lives:

  • Drowning in rip currents
  • From boating incidents
  • From getting hit by falling trees

Water Damage Restoration for 2022—Steps You Can Take to Prepare and Protect Your Home When Disaster Strikes?

Ideally, you should always be prepared for a disaster like tidal flooding, given its increasing prevalence. Preparation tips include:

  • Preparing an emergency kit
  • Determining a safe location for the family during an emergency
  • Deciding on how will you get in touch with your family after a disaster to ensure that everyone is safe
  • How will you rescue your pet during a flood

After that, you must take essential steps to prevent and lower the damage caused, leading to costly water damage restoration work. Start by:

  • Ensuring your sump pump is functioning correctly and consider having a backup
  • Mark fuses, electrical work, and circuit breakers to indicate which area of your home they serve and how to shut them down during tidal flooding.
  • Flood proof your home if needed. Possible actions include:
  • Installation of flood damage-resistant flooring,
  • Application of sealants to walls outside
  • Installation of flood-barriers. These can be placed temporarily over your doorways and windows as soon as the flood warnings are issued.

Apart from that, we advise you to get flood insurance if you still haven’t. Flood insurance is a type of property insurance that provides coverage to the dwelling from losses sustained due to flooding caused by:

  • Prolonged or heavy rain
  • Coastal storms
  • Dam failure
  • Blocked storm drainage systems, etc.

With flood insurance, you can quickly recover and cope with all the damages to your home and belongings caused by rising tides.

Next, it makes sense to keep the number of a reliable and trusted home restoration company on your speed dial. That’s right, once the disaster strikes, it will be challenging to get organized and find a company that is willing to work with you to restore your home in a livable condition in the fastest possible time.

This can be stressful and worrisome for you when you don’t know who to call and seek professional assistance. Therefore, do some legwork beforehand to spare yourself from trouble. Residents in and around Central Arkansas trust us for all their home restoration needs.

At 911 Restoration of Central Arkansas, we have earned the trust and respect of our clients based on our professionalism, work ethics, affordable pricing, home restoration expertise, and quick service turnaround time.

You can count on us when you need us most. We will be at your service in the fastest time and provide you with quality restoration work ensuring your home is back to its normal state. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, and we deliver this by going above and beyond to serve your needs. Our experts will assist you at every step of the water damage restoration process. From clean up to sanitization, mold remediation and restoration work, we will take care of them all. With us, you can be confident that your home is in good hands and will be restored in the shortest time.

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