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Water Damage Restoration in Faulkner County

911-restoration-water-damage-mold-remediation-fire-damage-dryersPicture this: your basement is flooded from natural causes and it is starting to impact other areas of the property. It’s imperative to save the property from any further water damage, but you aren’t sure the next steps to take in the water remediation. The solution? Call the specialists at 911 Restoration Faulkner County.

The experts are available 24/7/365, and responds to all calls within 45 minutes so there is no delay for your water damage emergency. The professionals work around the clock to ensure timely care for any water remediation. Our phone number is 501-200-1600 and we will always answer the phone.

The technicians believe in a Fresh Start attitude, so not only will your property be given the Fresh Start you deserve, but your emotional needs will be taken care of as well. The water damage specialists understand what a difficult time this is for property owners, and want to ensure that you are taken care of in the time of need.

The specialists at 911 Restoration Faulkner County are ICRC-certified and up to date on all the latest water leak cleanup techniques. Whether the water damage emergency was caused by a frozen or bursting pipe, the emergency restoration staff can handle it all. A free visual inspection for property owners is also offered, so you can have peace of mind. Call 911 Restoration of Faulkner County today at 501-200-1600 to get your property clean and dry in no time.

Causes of Water Damage

While the staff at 911 Restoration Faulkner County can handle any kind of water damage emergency, it’s important to know what causes these in order to prevent them from occurring again in the future.

Living in Central Arkansas, Faulkner County residents are well aware of the natural disasters that can occur and damage the property. Hurricanes and blizzards in the area can easily cause burst pipes or frozen pipes on the property. Storms and floods can also impact the property, causing further harm and a water damage emergency.

Not only can water damage emergencies be caused by natural disasters such as floods, plumbing accidents on the property can contribute as well. Burst pipes on the property can lead to flooding or a water damage emergency. Cracks in ceilings or burst air conditioners can also cause leaks, leading to a home flood. Although, the water extraction experts are well equipped and trained to handle any situation, a few preventive measures can also be used to avoid such disastrous situations in the front place. 

One thing that can stop any further water leaks in the future is to conduct regular inspections on the property by a plumbing company. They can check out the property and ensure that everything is in regular working order, so there will not be any burst pipes in the future. It’s also important to monitor the water bills received, so any irregular usage or spikes in usage can be noted. The water damage can be monitored on the property to put a halt to any frozen or burst pipes in the future.

While the water damage specialists are highly trained, preventive measures can go a long way towards halting any future water remediation emergencies. Putting these into practice can help a great deal in the future with any home flooding.

Mold Removal After Water Damage Emergencies

hazmat-suit-water-damage-restoration-vanUnfortunately, when water damage emergencies or home flooding occurs, mold can follow shortly after. These black spores can be incredibly dangerous to the any property owner’s health, and should not be attempted to be removed on their own. Our trained specialists can inspect the property for any mold growths and to remove them as soon as possible.

The customer comes first in all water damage situations, but especially with mold removal on the property. Our technicians are dedicated and compassionate, and will not rest until all dangerous mold is removed from the property. If there is excess water in the crawl space after a flooding emergency, that will be removed and taken care of in a timely manner.

It can be difficult to know what to do if mold is growing on the property after a burst pipe. Our specialists puts efficiency and compassion first, so the dangerous spores will be taken care of shortly after the water damage emergency.

It’s also important to make sure that any insurance covers mold removal, so the specialists at 911 Restoration Faulkner County will take the time to review the policy to ensure that it covers these services before proceeding. No excess growths will be left behind after the water extraction, so the property will be clean and in the best condition possible.

Our staff truly believes in a Fresh Start, so give us a call today at 501-200-1600!

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