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How 911 Home Restoration Helps After a Tornado

Published by SEO on July 17, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Home Restoration Helps After TornadoAs an Arkansas resident, you know how devastating natural disasters can be, especially for homeowners. The worst part is that there is nothing you can do to stop it or reduce its intensity. Therefore, a majority of the decision-making revolves around staying safe and planning home restoration after the storms.

With severe storms and flooding a common feature, there is an extensive need for restoration and clean-up. Knowing the amount of work needed to keep people safe, 911 Restoration provides comprehensive home restoration services in the wake of a natural disaster.

What Type of Natural Disasters are Common in Arkansas?

Although we want to focus on the help we provide for tornados specifically, let’s briefly look at the different kinds of disasters Arkansas usually faces.

1.    Floods

Arkansas is home to several natural rivers and lakes, which add to its incredible beauty. However, the rapid rate of snowmelt and several climate factors make these rivers and lakes prone to flooding, affecting cities and towns located closest to them.

2.    Tornados

Tornado Alley is a region in Central US popular for the extensive number of tornados it experiences. This region covers the Great Plains and touches several states, including Arkansas, leaving the region at risk of tornado damage.

3.    Landslides

Years of unsustainable constructions and excavations around hills have left areas in the state prone to landslides.

4.    Power Outages

While modern technology has helped made structures sturdier, power outages are still common in Arkansas. The outages occur after episodes of extreme weather conditions, floods, storms, etc., and can be severely inconvenient for residents. Although power is eventually restored, it can sometimes take days or even weeks for this to happen.

5.    Ice Storms

Arkansas winters are mostly manageable, except for January and February, the coldest months for the state. These two months see extreme temperatures, freezing rain, and ice storms. Ice storms are dangerous because they restrict mobility and damage power supply networks.

6.    Extreme Weather

Extreme weather or severe storms are some of the most common problems in Arkansas. The state is no stranger to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, extreme heat, and even draughts. Severe storms often result in heavy water damage to houses.

Types of Disaster Damage Services We Offer for Tornados

As residents of Arkansas, we know how challenging it is for you and other homeowners to deal with the aftermath of tornados. There are chances of water damage, structural damage, mold formation, etc., and fire, in extreme cases. Hence, we offer the following home restoration services in the aftermath of a tornado.

Full-Scale Disaster Restoration Services

Our full-scale disaster restoration services include all restoration services from our service catalog. We offer full-scale services for tornados because this natural disaster causes both visible and invisible damage to properties.

Property assessments often reveal water leakages, flooded basements, weakened foundations, and lowered fire safety. All these problems make the house unsafe, and we use our home restoration and repair services to make your house secure for you and your family.

Following is a list of restorations and repairs you will receive if you hire us for your post-tornado home restoration needs:

  1. Water damage restoration – including frozen pipes and flooded basements
  2. Fire damage restoration
  3. Sewage Clean-up
  4. Mold removal
  5. Sanitization and disinfection
  6. Emergency services for urgent concerns

Our teams will assess the damage and give you a list of all the restorations you will need. With your approval, we will move forward with the restoration and reconstruction. We are also available round the clock. You need to call 501-200-1600, and our team will reach you within 45 minutes.

Our Credentials

911 Restoration has always believed in maintaining and exceeding quality expectations. To ensure we offer the best possible service, we hire some of the best technicians for the job. All technicians are IICRC certified and have the necessary experience and expertise to get the job done effectively.

We also ensure all our team members remain updated on the latest rules and regulations. This knowledge helps them take regulations into account when they are planning and communicating reconstruction and repair advice for your home.

Additional Services for Disasters

Aside from the home restoration services we provide after tornados, the 911 team also provides urgent water damage restoration services after a blizzard. The thick levels of snow on the roof can become a safety hazard. They restrict ventilation, can lead to water leaks, and weaken your roof until it collapses. All these problems require immediate restoration.

If you are facing such an emergency, call our helpline immediately, and our technicians will reach you as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, 911 Restoration teams have the right expertise and experience to provide the home restoration services you need after a tornado. Our range of services fully encompasses any possible damage you may face due to the tornado, and our technicians will help you fix all possible damages.

If you have any questions about our services, you can give us a call at 501-200-1600 or contact us using this link. We are available 24/7 and will address all your questions and concerns happily.

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